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Our Mission


The clients of The Garrett Group will have an incredible experience from our first interaction to well after the closing table. We will always be honest and maintain integrity throughout the entire process while having the client's goals serving as the guide. Our work ethic will be unmatched no matter the sale price of the property. Passion for every part of the real estate process will be noticeable and expertise will be given each step of the way.



I made the call to Aaron because I knew him really well from school. He was my teacher. Also, I felt like he was accessible when we called him. He was there right away. When other people couldn’t help us until the next week, Aaron could do it that day.  It was pretty easy to deal with him.  Even if I wanted to call him at night he was answering his phone right away for me.


I figured the process would be a lot more stressful, but it was pretty easy. We didn’t have to keep on top of anyone or anything. With Aaron it was like, “Here’s your next step. This is what you need to do at this time. This is what this means.”  It was easy. 


He was always there to answer questions - and if he can’t answer, he’ll find an answer for you. I had questions about getting a loan and he called my lender for me and did a lot more than I what I think another realtor would have. 


If you want a nice, easy process just get ahold of him!


"Aaron was my 8th grade social studies teacher.  When he started his realty business, and after we got married, it was only natural that we reach out to him when we were ready to buy a house.  


Aaron was the perfect middle person for us.  He was really responsive to us especially when we were trying to get to the bottom number.  He was very good at reassuring us and helping us understand what would be out of our pocket… and he was so personable about it that I felt like I was having a friend help buy a house.  


We bought a new house so the process went quickly and Aaron was in the loop the entire time.  Aaron did a lot of the heavy lifting to get us to closing.  He smoothed the road for us and kept us updated and was really transparent.  


I don’t know how people buy homes without a Realtor.  I don’t think this would have been as easy of a process!"  


"Aaron is really professional and really knowledgeable about the whole process.   He showed us a lot of houses and was always on top of sending us new listings. He always listened to what we wanted and ultimately it worked out really well.  


Aaron was always very professional and very responsive.  Aaron can manage it all really well. He felt like a full-time realtor as far as what we were able to get done, and was always quick to respond even with his other responsibilities.


Through the years we have used different companies as we have bought houses in different locations, and I think for the Batesville market, having a hands-on, local company is the right way to go.  The Garrett Group has been the right choice for us, for sure."


“We chose the Garrett Group again because we used Aaron to buy our first house and it was a great experience.  We were able to talk to him. He knew the market very well, knew the process from start to finish, and was just very professional with getting the job done.  


Aaron is just unbelievable, especially with time management.  I helped coach with him so I know how particular he is.  You can see how it overlays into his actual life because he’s a teacher, a coach, and sells real estate -  and he’s successful at all three. It speaks to him as a person. To do all three of those jobs - and do them as well as he does - is pretty spectacular!"


"We’ve known Aaron for many years and know he does a good job in everything he does. 


He was so dedicated.  No matter what time of night we called him worried about selling our house, he would answer the phone.  He gave us recommendations on what we could do to make our old house showable and it really helped.  He was really good about putting our mind at ease, and letting us know that our buyer was out there, and we would find them.  


He went to bat for us on this new house, too.  He helped us with the financing and connected us with the bank and made it an easy process.  I can’t say enough about Aarons follow-through.  He made calls and text messages just to make sure everything was going ok and to see if there was anything that he could do to help us.  He makes himself available to you.


It was a 5-star experience.  It’s not about the money for Aaron. It’s about doing the best job he can for you."

This Week's Featured Property

Well-built Ranch home in the heart of Batesville that is much larger than it appears. Attic space has been finished and provides a huge 3rd bedroom. Renovated kitchen, large living room, and full basement to utilize complete with cabinetry and shelving. Enjoy the outdoors from the breeze way and the one-car garage has a basement that can serve multiple purposes. Great curb appeal and within walking distance of Liberty Park, walking trails, and Brum Woods.

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Total Floors/Stories

School District

Year Built​

List Price


1327 Sq. Ft





BR 3
Kitchen Island
BR 3
Kitchen Island
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531 N Lori St


100 Butler Dr





2079 Rock Creek Rd


908 S Park


825 W Pearl St


23 Terrance Dr


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The Garrett Group was formed to give clients Batesville's best real estate experience. Combining efforts of all members allows us to efficiently serve more people and be a part of so many dreams coming true. Authenticity is the foundation of our service. Allow us to be a part of your next real estate goal and the Garrett Group will get you there.

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Below you will find our buyer and seller guides we offer to every client. These guides offer you a step by step overview of what you can expect throughout the process and beyond.