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The Garrett Group was formed to give clients Batesville's best real estate experience. Combining efforts of all members allows us to efficiently serve more people and be a part of so many dreams coming true. Authenticity is the foundation of our service. Allow us to be a part of your next real estate goal and the Garrett Group will get you there.

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Aaron Garrett

I have a passion for many things with number one being helping people. In my roles as a teacher, coach and Realtor, I am blessed to interact with many others. I have had my real estate license for 18 years and have established experience in residential and investment properties. My focus will always be on helping my clients reach their goals and developing relationships along the way. 


I'm an active agent with Lohmiller Real Estate and have created The Garrett Group. Our mission is to provide clients of The Garrett Group with an incredible experience from our first interaction to well after the closing table.  We will always be honest and maintain integrity throughout the entire process while having the client's goals serve as the guide. Our work ethic will be unmatched no matter the sale price of the property. Passion for every part of the real estate process will be noticeable and expertise will be given each step of the way.

Office Phone: (812) 934-6191  

Mobile: (812) 528-6683


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Amanda Garcia

Indiana University graduate. I studied at The Media School and earned a B.A. in marketing and advertising. My marketing goal is to help them grow and reach new audiences, while maintaining good relationships with current clients. 


While doing marketing for The Garrett Group, I saw how fast paced and interesting the real estate industry was and wanted to become a realtor myself. In the beginning of 2020, I earned my own real estate license. I continue to market for The Garrett Group while also being a licensed agent. I love connecting with people and look forward to all the relationships I will build in this career!

I believe The Garrett Group provides authentic and professional real estate experience, every step of the way. Our clients know that and I want future clients to know that as well! 

Mobile: (317) 503-7120 


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