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The Nolans

"I have worked with Aaron and his crew several times. Every time I know that my house will be sold quickly and for a good value. I also know the other side of buying that I will find something I am looking for at a price that I am comfortable doing. He makes the process painless and stress free from both sides. Get there with The Garrett Group!"



"The Garrett Group is awesome! We recently made some really BIG decisions which included selling our "forever" home. Aaron came along side us and helped with everything. He is professional, thorough and very thoughtful. We couldn't have asked for a better partner in our realty experience. Through the transition Aaron became more than our realtor, he became our friend. Thank you Aaron A. Garrett and your team for providing great service!"



"THIS is what realtors all need to be like! Amanda and Aaron are amazing. They made the process soo easy! I definitely recommend The Garrett Group if you’re selling or buying!"

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"Me and my fiancée had looked and looked for houses on our own but deals either fell through, or were outbid. I met Aaron through a coworker. He asked what we were looking for and said he would contact me. A few weeks later I received a call from him and went to go see the property the next day. My fiancée and I were a little worried about Aaron being the seller and the buyers agent. But he really fought for both sides to find a middle point we were all happy with. He also recommended a different lender for us, which led to cheaper rates and a quicker process! All in all we are extremely happy with our first house and the team that helped us into it!"



"My wife Alli & I decided to hire Amanda due to her knowledge of the local area and great reviews we had heard from others. We were looking to make a fairly quick sell of our current home, due to us finding the perfect home and the current market status. Amanda was super knowledgeable and timely; two huge positives when working with a realtor. Thank you Amanda for everything! We will be sure to recommend to any family or friends who will be listing."



"I have worked with Aaron and his crew several times. Every time I know that my house will be sold quickly and for a good value. I also know the other side of buying that I will find something I am looking for at a price that I am comfortable doing. He makes the process painless and stress free from both sides. Get there with The Garrett Group!"



"Amanda was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. As first-time homeowners, we had lots of questions and Amanda was a great listener and provided individualized and knowledgeable responses to everything we asked (and even things we didn’t think to ask). She showed us many different homes over the span of multiple months, but never made us felt rushed in our decision. During the home-buying process, she was very communicative and always kept us in the loop. We are so grateful to have had Amanda as our real estate agent for buying our first home!"



“Aaron had helped us through the process of purchasing our first home, so naturally we called him when we were ready to purchase again. He is professional, thorough and very patient (even with the many questions we had). We appreciate everything he has done for us and we will definitely use him in the future.“


The Knechts

"My wife and I had an excellent experience working with Aaron when buying our first home together. Aaron was quick to answer any of our questions and has a vast knowledge of information regarding the housing market. We highly recommend Aaron and the Garrett Group when you are ready to buy or sell a house!"



“Coming in I had an idea of what we were looking for and Aaron was great at keeping an eye out for new listings, especially in this competitive market, so it was great having his help and resources.  We had a few challenges, but Aaron does a good job about keeping these to a minimum for his clients.  He was great at keeping an uplifting spirit and helping me find what would ultimate become our dream home.“



“Aaron was my 8th grade teachee and actually helped my sister and brother in law find their house.  They said it was a positive experience, so that is whey we decided to give him a call.  We didn’t even really think of calling anyone else.


For every part of the process especially post-offer and during the inspection, Aaron was super helpful. He was honest and open which we appreciated. He helped us move very quickly in a crazy market and was always available and super responsive. Even after move-in, he would check-in to make sure everything was going smoothly for us in the new home.  It was a simple, stress-free experience!  As stress-free as buying a house can be!“



“We needed to move fast, and Aaron moved fast with us.  It all fell into place nicely. He was working with the sellers, representing both parties, and we thought it worked very smoothly with him working for both sides and finding that middle ground. He was easy to work with and made time for us when we needed it.“



“We would highly recommend Aaron to anyone buying or selling.  He answered all of our questions and helped with everything along the way.  He followed up in a timely manner and checked-in with us after our move.  We can’t thank him enough and will be calling him again when we buy.“



“Overall, our experience couldn’t have been better!  From the moment we initially contacted Aaron about viewing our current home to the moment we signed on the house there was professionalism and accessibility at all times!  This was even during the busiest and most stressful time of year between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  In a matter of weeks we were able to essentially buy our dream home as well as sell our home in the process.  This is almost unheard of anywhere else!  Aaron is the best for a reason.  He is knowledgeable, organized, and incredibly easy to work with!  Our hope is we don’t have to move again, but if we do there is only one group we would trust to handle the process to perfection. That is through Aaron Garrett with the Garrett Group and Lohmiller Real Estate.“



“Thank you for your role in helping us get comfortable here in Batesville.  You have gone above and beyond to help us with the transition.  We really appreciate it!“



“We were first-time home buyers and Aaron made it a very easy process.  Aaron was very helpful. He had great communication with us and kept us updated - emailing, texting and calling.  He’s very friendly and very respectful. He’s proper and always shakes your hand every time you meet with him. Aaron is just a nice, good-going guy. “



“Aaron, thank you for all of your assistance with the purchase of our new home.  The process can certainly be daunting, but your efforts made the experience much more pleasant than anticipated.  Thank you for consistently making yourself available to resolve all of our questions and concerns. We are particularly grateful for your experience, as we certainly leaned on you to help us with the numbers decisions that needed to be made.  You provided guidance without ever pushing us in a direction that we didn’t want to go, and now we have our dream home! We couldn’t have done it without you. It probably isn’t often that a business transaction forges a friendship, but I feel confident in stating that is exactly what transpired in this instance.  I don’t consider you just a business contact, but a friend that I’d be happy to recommend to anybody looking for real estate services in Southeast Indiana.”



“We trusted Aaron to help us find a house and he did a great job.  This was my sixth purchase, so I have a lot to compare it to. I can tell you that with every transaction there is always a blip in the road, or always things that you've got to overcome.  Aaron’s team did the prep work so that if there were challenges, he was able to keep them under control. Everything was just seamless, and we really don’t have anything that we can look back on and say we wish it could have been better.


Aaron really stands out because he’s very well known in the community as a coach and teacher.  But more than anything else for us, it is his positive presence that made us want to work with him.  He can be active in anything, but the positivity that he exudes in everything that he does is what impressed us.  It's always encouraging; it’s always uplifting; and it makes him one of those types of people that you want to surround yourself with.” 



“I made the call to Aaron because I knew him really well from school. He was my teacher. Also, I felt like he was accessible when we called him. He was there right away. When other people couldn’t help us until the next week, Aaron could do it that day.  It was pretty easy to deal with him.  Even if I wanted to call him at night he was answering his phone right away for me.


I figured the process would be a lot more stressful, but it was pretty easy. We didn’t have to keep on top of anyone or anything. With Aaron it was like, “Here’s your next step. This is what you need to do at this time. This is what this means.”  It was easy. 


He was always there to answer questions - and if he can’t answer, he’ll find an answer for you. I had questions about getting a loan and he called my lender for me and did a lot more than I what I think another realtor would have. 


If you want a nice, easy process just get ahold of him!”



"Aaron was my 8th grade social studies teacher.  When he started his realty business, and after we got married, it was only natural that we reach out to him when we were ready to buy a house.  


Aaron was the prefect middle person for us.  He was really responsive to us especially when we were  trying to get to the bottom number.  He was very good at reassuring us and helping us understand what would be out of our pocket… and he was so personable about it that I felt like I was having a friend help buy a house.  


We bought a new house so the process went quickly and Aaron was in the loop the entire time.  Aaron did a lot of the heaving lifting to get us to closing.  He smoothed the road for us and kept us updated and was really transparent.  


I don’t know how people buy homes without a Realtor.  I don’t think this would have been as easy of a process!"



"Aaron is really professional and really knowledgeable about the whole process.   He showed us a lot of houses and was always on top of sending us new listings. He always listened to what we wanted and ultimately it worked out really well.  


Aaron was always very professional and very responsive.  Aaron can manage it all really well. He felt like a full-time realtor as far as what we were able to get done, and was always quick to respond even with his other responsibilities.


Through the years we have used different companies as we have bought houses in different locations, and I think for the Batesville market, having a hands-on, local company is the right way to go.  The Garrett Group has been the right choice for us, for sure."



“We chose the Garrett Group again because we used Aaron to buy our first house and it was a great experience.  We were able to talk to him. He knew the market very well, knew the process from start to finish, and was just very professional with getting the job done.  


We had a few things pop-up on the home inspection and he did a very good job of negotiating back and forth and making sure that we knew exactly what the counteroffers were meaning and exactly the value of what they were proposing was.  He was a tremendous help in that regard. He did it in a very timely manner and that really helped us. 


Aaron is just unbelievable, especially with time management.  I helped coach with him so I know how particular he is.  You can see how it overlays into his actual life because he’s a teacher, a coach, and sells real estate -  and he’s successful at all three. It speaks to him as a person. To do all three of those jobs - and do them as well as he does - is pretty spectacular!


We’re just very thankful for all that Aaron and the Garrett Group did for us.  We love this house and we know we are going to be very happy here. “



"We’ve known Aaron for many years and know he does a good job in everything he does. 


He was so dedicated.  No matter what time of night we called him worried about selling our house, he would answer the phone.  He gave us recommendations on what we could do to make our old house showable and it really helped.  He was really good about putting our mind at ease, and letting us know that our buyer was out there, and we would find them.  


He went to bat for us on this new house, too.  He helped us with the financing and connected us with the bank and made it an easy process.  I can’t say enough about Aaron's follow-through.  He made calls and text messages just to make sure everything was going ok and to see if there was anything that he could do to help us.  He makes himself available to you.


It was a 5-star experience.  It’s not about the money for Aaron. It’s about doing the best job he can for you."



"We used Aaron because he was the listing agent on this house and we didn’t have an agent at the time.  We were happy that we ended up with Aaron.  He was always quick to get back to us.  I was a first time home buyer and Aaron was really helpful. He walked me through it all and explained everything, every step of the way.  The speed of everything was great.   He always worked around our schedule and always made time to meet us, even in a snow storm!" 



"Aaron Garrett did a fantastic job helping us through the stressful process of house hunting.. he immediately answered all of the questions my significant other and I had when going to look at a home, and gave us his honest opinion on certain aspects of the house, as well as advice on how to proceed with an offer. We were first time home buyers and had not even the slightest clue on how the home buying process worked. He made sure to explain the process and keep in touch with any updates he had for us. He also checked in to make sure we did not have any questions or need anything else from him even after we closed on our home. If we ever buy again, he will be the person we go to for a home realtor. We are more than satisfied and so glad we trusted in Aaron for this big purchase!"



"We first contacted Aaron when we wanted help deciding when would be a good time to put our home on the market.  He came out to consult with us about what we needed to get the house ready and he definitely provided us with good details about the market. It was a pretty seamless process once we let him know we were ready to go. The house was on the market for one day!​


I liked best that Aaron was always responsive to us.  He was paying attention to our needs and letting us know what was going on.  He was quick to answer any questions that we had.  I think what is helpful about it being a group as opposed to just being Aaron is that he has a team that can help him get things done.  Everything was just quick. They were willing and ready to go, and it was beneficial since we were trying to get things done in a timely manner.  Our experience with the Garrett group was easy, quick and very personable!" 



"We didn’t even have to think twice about who would be our Realtor to sell our home. We always knew it would be Aaron Garrett.  We knew it would be in good hands with him and that we wouldn’t have to worry about it.   We felt that he would look out for our best interests, and that’s exactly what happened.  


Aaron always kept an open line of communication with both of us. The process was seamless and smooth.  It was comforting knowing he had the Garrett Group and the right professional support behind him to get the job done.


We put our heads down at night knowing that things went well and that someone was watching our back for this transaction.  Having this piece of mind means the world to us, to know that we can trust the person that we are doing business with." 



"Ashley was awesome the whole time.  She was always on it.  She was always texting us. The bank pushed back our process by a few weeks.  It was pretty smooth until the bank got involved and then Ashley just took control and made everything right again.  I would definitely choose her and the Garrett group if we had to do it again!  The advice we would give to other first-time buyers would be to make sure you are comfortable with your realtor and that it is someone you trust. There were some times when Ashley knew what we were feeling or what we needed and she would get right on it and just make everything fine."



"The Garrett Group is very welcoming and easy to work with. Aaron has been great during the entire process, especially about going back and forth between us and the sellers.  One of the benefits of having the group is that anytime he knew he was going to be unavailable he made other arrangements.  We’ve been able to work with both Aaron and Ashley very well.  The experience is very much what you would expect from Batesville.  It’s a small town so it’s not just a professional relationship - it’s like we are also friends."



"A great thing about working with the Garrett Group is that they worked as a team.  When one wasn’t able to make a showing or appointment, the other was able to fill-in without delay.  What we liked best about the experience with the Garrett Group is how easy and painless they made the process.  We never felt stressed, and everything went very smoothly.  They were friendly, professional, responsive, and knowledgeable."



"Aaron was very helpful when we were buying a house. He was very communicative, understanding and accommodating. He made sure all of our questions were answered, he was very intuitive and gave us space to talk when he could tell we needed it. I highly recommend Aaron and his team when you’re looking to buy your next home!"



“The best thing about Ashley was her patience!  We worked with Ashley for a year and a half. She knew what we were looking for, remembered everything from our conversations when we were searching, and basically found us the perfect house.

Our experience was great and exceeded our expectations because Ashley always got back to us within minutes.  If she didn’t know an answer, she would reply back and say, “I got your text, let me check it out and I’ll get back with you.”  She would always respond to us very quickly.  She remembered so much and connected with us on a personal level and we really appreciated that.”



"We’ve dealt with a lot of houses and a lot of sales - anywhere from new construction to older homes we’ve reworked.  Working with the Garrett group has meant faster lead times, turn-around times, phone calls and emails compared to other realtors.  We never had any delays with the Garrett Group. Aaron is a very dedicated and driven realtor.  Not only does he do the work for you, but he becomes your friend as well."



“Aaron was with us every step of the way and always made us feel like his number one priority.  He was always quickly responding to us when we had questions. He explained everything every step of the way which was very helpful.  Aaron made the process go really smoothly.  He was very personable and considerate of what it was that we needed. 


We imagined the process would be stressful and overwhelming, but with Aaron, it wasn’t. It was just like talking to a friend over the phone.  He kept us informed and we rolled on. It was an easy process. I think the best thing about Aaron is that we will see him out and he’ll remember things about us months later which is pretty awesome.  You don’t get that very often.”



“We chose the Garrett Group because we really appreciate the way Aaron cares about his business and goes above and beyond for his clients. The challenge we had in selling this house is that we are currently living in Texas.  The thought of selling a house a thousand miles away was a bit nerve-wracking, but the Garrett Group really helped make it a seamless process. If we had to describe our experience in just a couple of words we would say it has been seamless and professional!"



"We chose the Garrett Group for our real estate team because we saw a listing of theirs that we liked and I didn’t have a realtor. I called him up, Aaron met us and we got along really well. Then whenever I wanted to see a house that I liked I contacted him directly. He always fit us in really fast. He was always on it and always made time. What we liked best about the Garrett Group experience was that Aaron always emailed and texted us back right away. He was always very helpful!" 



"I used Aaron Garrett to buy my first house and he was really good with everything. We used him again to sell our home and purchase our next because he was very down to earth and good with all our needs. He was very helpful and quick to respond to everything. The Garrett Group took some great photos of our house and had it sold within one day."



"We chose the Garrett Group because we have known Mr. Garrett for a long time and he was a good teacher and we just wanted to keep it local. The Garrett Group was super patient with us as we looked at homes. Their patience really helped the process and we felt like they cared and really were interested in what we were trying to find in a home. If we could summarize the whole experience it would be 'Perfect!'"



"One of the reasons we thought Aaron would be good for us is that he is well-liked and well-respected in the community and he knows a lot of people.  We knew he'd to be able to find the perfect buyers for our house.  He came to our house and gave us many great suggestions before we listed the property.  Our house was on the market for 5 hours before we had a couple of offers and after that everything was smooth sailing!"

"Aaron and Amanda were exceptional to work with when selling our house. They were always available to communicate with when needed and help ease the headaches that come with the selling process. I would recommend using the Garret Group when either buying or selling a home!"    Joey Dobson

"Having Aaron and Amanda in our corner from the get go was very important to us and they definitely met that expectation! We even had a hurdle or two to jump through and the overall process went so smooth thanks to the attention to detail and commitment on their end. This is the 2nd time we've gone through this process with Aaron and we are very pleased with the help and support. If there ever was a 3rd time - we know who to call!"    Alex Meer

"My wife and I really appreciate all of Aaron’s help and guidance throughout the process of purchasing our first home. He was knowledgeable, quick to respond to any questions, and provided us with detailed guidance each step of the way. He made the process easy and stress free."    Alex Dudley

"Amanda was amazing at helping us navigate through a tough buyers market! She was quick to respond and very knowledgeable on all things real estate. Amanda and Aaron made sure we understood each phase of the home buying process and guided us through many home showings and questions to find our first home! They are the best!"    Emma Geis

"Aaron is the best of the best! Extremely knowledgeable, professional, easy to work with and has great connections! He got us in our home in less than a month and made the home buying process stress free. I would recommend him to everyone!"    Megan & Donald Cochran

"Working with Aaron was one of the best decisions that we made in the home buying process! Aaron is extremely knowledgeable and professional. He truly listened to our requirements, asked the right questions and helped to set realistic expectation. This made for an incredibly smooth process. We appreciate the extra effort Aaron took to check in frequently to ensure that we were comfortable and answered in questions we had in real time. We have and will continue to recommend Aaron to all of our family, friends, and acquaintances."    Mallory Seitz

"The Garrett Group were a pleasure to work with at Lohmiller Real Estate. They worked hard to accommodate the times I could check out the building and were easy to get ahold of by phone as well. I liked the professionalism, confidentiality, and friendliness of this group. I would highly recommend them."    Amy Siebert

"The Garrett Group was a blessing when we were trying to sell our home from three states away. They kept us updated on showings and feedback from each showing. When the house went under contract, Aaron kept us in constant contacts with forms, helpful suggestions and a easy transitional sale. We couldn't have done it without The Garrett Group."    Eric & Melanie Stauffer

"It was a pleasure doing business with Aaron, in fact it did not feel like business at all! We enjoyed each and every interaction with him and looked forward to the next! As someone who did not plan on hiring a real estate agent to sell our home, I will tell you that the knowledge and peace of mind you will receive with Aaron is priceless!" 

Todd & Tonya Dickman

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